Gyan Brothers Asamoah and Baffour Accused of Assaulting Businessman

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Two brothers, Asamoah Gyan and Baffour Gyan have been called out for alleged assault by a Ghanaian businessman known as Godwin Marte.

During an interview with Myjoyonline, the business man said “Most of these controversial points that were in my favour, Baffour Gyan was giving the point to Asamoah Gyan. At a point, I became a bit uncomfortable with it.” He added. “So there was a particular point that to me was obvious that the ball was good, and Baffour Gyan insisted that the point was for Asamoah Gyan,”

Godwin also said the brothers shouted at him when he stopped playing and went to sit by the sidelines. “My friend shut up and stand there and play.”

“Then he came down and came to hit me that ‘my friend go there, I say go and play’. He was hitting me to go and play,” he added.

“As he was hitting me, Asamoah Gyan came in support of what Baffour was doing – assaulting me.”

The business man plan on sueing the Gyan Brothers for their actions. “I will sue tortuous liability on the civil case and I will press for the police to also prosecute them criminally. I will fight this to my last blood.” He added.

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